4th December 2011

  Having got home from last nights escapade i was feeling very happy and couldnt sleep laid on the pillow as the sun started to rise and the birds kept me awake and my brother snooring :( thought sod this so with no sleep and 2 cups of tea was back out the door and back on the river so a very early session and only aimed to be out for a little while so i had to make it quick and precise and within 15 minutes of setting up i had stalked a Barbel from a fast shallow run, hooked it and what a fight in the fast current, so when i landed it walked upstream a few yards to get the pictures.

  This was another fantastic sized Barbel aswell seemed to be having a great 12 hours when it hit 8lbs 13ozs on the scales another very fit and pristine Barbel, after that decided that the journey was complete and finally got some sleep, dreaming of a pb sometime soon, im sure it will come.

Very fit 8lbs 13ozs Barbel.


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