Friday, 9 December 2011

Up to date now

   Up bright and early to do a couple of hours of fishing and got straight to business set up, cast out and put the rod down and prepared to sit down when the rod bent double, a fish immediately and after a very hard fight - stripping line from a tight clutch, took about 5 minutes to land and looked a very short but fat Barbel, Unsurprisingly went close to 8lbs, scales sat at 7lbs 15ozs.

   After putting that back fighting fit moved on up about 3/4 of a mile to a swim starting to produce me a few fish of notable size, changed tactic onto the trotting maggots and had a take straight away but missed it, then had to wait 35minutes before i got another chance but was ready for it, another one to the growing collection of good sized fish this winter, 7lbs 0oz.

  Left for home in time for breakfast.

                                                Short but strong 7lbs 15ozs

                                                            7lbs 0oz

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