Thursday, 8 December 2011

6th December 2011

Time for a change of emphasis and dusted off the match fishing gear and went to see if there is any small Dace and Roach that have escaped the gobs of the pesky cormorant and herons, and had quite a few bits and bobs 4 Dace to 9ozs, 2 Roach to 5ozs, 2 Brown Trout to 1lbs 14ozs, 5 Chub to 4lbs 0ozs, 1 Perch! of 11ozs very rare indeed especially up where i had it from and can't get away from them even when i try to, 3 Barbel to 3lbs 10ozs very good 3 hours of fishing and a set of waders full of water. damn !!!

                                                           Solid 4lbs Chub

                                                         1lbs 14ozs Brownie

A rare Perch for here.
A pristine Brownie.

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